A place for a vision

For several years now OM France has been giving literacy classes to immigrant women in Saint Denis, just north of Paris, as well as in Toulouse in the south of France. Our desire is to expand this ministry, by forming new teams.


Our goal is to facilitate their integration into French life, all the while showing them God’s love through our words and our actions.
At the end of each class we teach a bible story. Our students know that we are Christians and are free to stay or leave at story time. Those who stay ask many questions and we see a real thirst for the truth.


Please join us as we pray for other churches who would like to partner with us and develop this type of ministry. Our desire is for the church to catch the vision and take on the classes themselves, after a time of training and working together. Truly an amazing way to invite Muslim women to church, meeting their social, practical and spiritual needs!

Your prayers are precious to us!

If you would like to be involved in other ways in our ministry (financially or coming yourself for a short or long term teaching assignment) please contact sue.yeoman@om.org