Bonding over clean-up


Nadia* with OM France has been teaching French literacy and sharing Bible stories with North African immigrant women in Paris for several years. This year, a record number of women showed up for the first classes of the term. Nadia and her co-workers had more students than they could handle. The lack of personnel, however, turned into an opportunity to share Jesus with a few of the students.

“The final week before October half-term, my co-workers were away for training,” said Nadia. “Saliha* and Houda*, both new students, stayed to help me with the clean-up. Since neither was in a hurry to leave, we chatted and I was able to completely share the gospel with them. Saliha asked many questions and Houda knew many of the answers. Her former neighbour was a French Catholic lady who talked to her about Jesus.” 

Saliha taught Arabic literacy in her home country, and the three women have begun studying Arabic together every week. Saliha also accepted a French/Arabic New Testament and promised to read it, says Nadia. The three women, along with others, have gone shopping together and discussed meeting in the park to exercise together. 

Praise God for the friendship developing between Nadia and her new students. Pray that Nadia’s relationship with Saliha and Houda would continue to grow. Pray for further opportunities to share the gospel with them.

*Names changed

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2011