Carpentras, everyday encounters leading to the supreme encounter 

Michel took part in the outreach the last week of October in Carpentras, a church with the goal of planting a daughter church in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue. Here’s what he experienced:

The pastor welcomed us with his usual warmth, and the reception given to us by the young people was thrilling. The tone for the coming week was well and truly set: a week of outreach interspersed by a series of great meetings! What a privilege it was to live in fellowship with the church of Christ throughout the week!
We met so many people in the streets in l’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue! How moving to see people wandering and fussing about with absolutely no idea, or else with wrong ideas of the identity of their Creator! Many are suffering; others have given up and are no longer searching. Still others, who at the beginning became aggressive or angry, ended up by calming down once their inner emptiness came to the surface.
I realised once again the need to teach the truth of the Gospel, and the spiritual conflict which is raging around our witness. We were not alone! I was particularly conscious of this during the time spent studying or praying in private. Certain aspects of God’s Word and His will became clearer. The stimulation of spiritual life is also one of the benefits of outreach weeks.

My stay in Provence has left me with the memory of a great light: the light of the sun which didn’t let us down, but above all the light of Jesus which shone from the faces of my brothers and sisters in Christ, who desires that all men be saved.

Michel Lefèvre