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Is God calling you to join our team?

We are currently actively seeking to fill a number of key roles within our OM France team. Do you sense God’s call on your life to take up one of these vital positions?

– Communications manager (website management, graphic design, social media…)

– IT systems administrator (office365 …)

– Youth ministry coordinator (Teenstreet, Teencity and others)

– Short-term outreach coordinator in France

– Teacher for immigrant women’s literacy classes in Paris

– Team members for pioneer project in Brittany

If one of these positions interests you, or you know of someone who fits well, please contact us immediately for more details at

Ministry among the Turkish-speaking people

For many years the nearly 1 million Turkish speaking people in France were completely unreached by the gospel. The Turkishspeaking people are an isolated group of people, well known for their lack of integration into the French culture and society.

It was only in 2013 that OM France started to reach out to this people group with a focused strategy when we joined the OM France team.
For the next 4 years we were the only Turkish and French speaking missionaries reaching out to the Turkish speaking people in France. Since 2013, through this OM ministry, 7 churches have been planted across France. In 2018 Alper, Laurent and Claire joined us (see their presentation below).

In the light of this development and expansion, the OM leadership in France wanted to celebrate what God has done in this people group.This took place in Evry on 1st December 2018. Fifty partners, French pastors and Turkish believers joined together to celebrate God’s blessing on the Turkish-speaking community in France. We heard testimonies, enjoyed Turkish music and food….and above all God was glorified for what He has done. God is at work in His own, unique way, and for the OM team it is simply a delight to follow Him, and work with Him. Thank you for your support, partnership and prayers for this unique OM France ministry .

Martin et Petro de Lange
Responsables du ministère auprès des turcophones

“Opération Phare” (Operation Lighthouse)

Following numerous consultations with pastors of local churches in the centre as well as the south of Brittany, we could picture a painful reality of some of their most isolated church members:just like the “Ar-Men” lighthouse (off the Finistère shore) is the most isolated at sea, similarly local church members, faithful witnesses of Jesus-Christ, are liable to find themselves isolated in their region.. Sometimes detached from the weekly activities of the local church, they nevertheless remain a key part of the work of Christ through their relationships with others. For in spite of theirsituation, with a faith firmly founded on the rock, they make the aroma of Christ known right where they are. And as witnesses of light, they summon the nations to an in-depth change of life, by turning to a life based on the work of Christ (Matthew 5.13-16).

Based on this “discovery”, the concept of Operation Lighthouse was born. It’s an approach always joined to the local church whose role is to discern and choose from its members, those individuals, couples or families who would be suitable to train. This means that the local church must define with the OM team the framework and the extent of the operation in accordance with their church plan.

Our objectives are therefore to mobilise and help local churches to select from their membership, those witnesses who are isolated, couples or families in need of such an Operation Lighthouse.

We will also strive to get to know these households , to pray with them, and establish a relevant and sustainable plan of action, so that they will be prepared to perpetuate the Gospel dynamic in their village or district (Ephesians 4.12-13).

Operation FIL2019

The Lorient Interceltic Festival. From 28th July to 11th August 2019

This internationally-known annual festival has taken place in the city of Lorient since 1971. It attracts 700,000 festival goers to celebrate the Celtic culture. From the start of August, the city welcomes nearly 4,500 artists and musicians not just from Brittany but from the whole world. Those participating in Operation FIL2019 will undergo a week’s training, in preparation for a second week devoted to practical involvement. Among those taking part will be musicians, and those seeking to establish relationships with the festival goers..

The musicians will be recruited by OM France and OM Heart Sound International (OM HSI) They’ll be coming not just from Brittany but from everywhere, with the aim of taking part directly or indirectly in music and songs appropriate for the transmission of the Gospel. Our goal is to offer a high-quality training program to these participants to allow them to put together one, two, or three songs that they’ll be able to perform, alongside more instrumental Celtic pieces. The musicians will seek to perform in the festival zone, as well as in the city centre or be sent out to perform in organised private and public concerts, in the homes of church members or in numerous other suitable areas.

Following the example of what we learned during the evangelism week during the Route du Rhum 2018 team members
will communicate the Gospel clearly by initiating encounters in the crowds and amongst the spectators.
The aim clearly will be to establish links, but above all to help partnering local churches (particularly those in the centre and south around Lorient) reach those never exposed to the gospel, as well as their own unbelieving friends.

In this diverse cultural, festive and activist melting –pot, our desire is to show to the world a clear as well as relevant vision of the international body of Jesus- Christ.

We want to see the message of Christ shine in the darkest places. Will you join us?
More information:

Join us in these plans which aim to present Christ in Brittany by making a gift to OM France, destined for “Project Brittany”.

The needs are endless: needs related to this summer’s Interceltic Festival; financial needs for the funding of Operation Lighthouse; needs connected with the support of people like Gaetan; needs to cover travel costs linked to these key activities. If you live anywhere other than France, please
contact your national OM office.

La Route du Rhum (October 2018)

From 26th October to 4th November, young people armed with green banana bags filled with tracts. Braved the crowds on the quay sides as well as in the streets of Saint-Malo. Their goal? To share the love of Jesus with those taking part in the Route du Rhum.

Operation Mobilization in Brittany

OM France has identified Brittany as one of the French regions least reached by the Gospel. Out of 3.2 million inhabitants , less than 1 % see themselves as genuine disciples of Jesus. In a region where 87% of the population identified themselves as Catholic in 1972, only 16% of Bretons did so in 2013 (attending mass at least once a month).11

As part of the vision of OM International – we want to see vibrant communities of Jesus followers among the least reached– – in France and then in Brittany, we have sought to listen to the local churches in the region, in order to understand their particular situations and to discern how OM might serve them, support them and mobilise them.

To this end, we are working on three levels:

– One-off events , s where we take part in short term missions such as last autumn’s Route du Rhum, or the up and coming operation during this summer’s Interceltic Festival of Lorient.

– Medium-term operations , of a minimum of six months, in which we have identified the need for encouragement and support for isolated households located in some of the region’s hardest areas. To meet this need, we have created “Operation Lighthouse” .

– Longer term ministry , in which we can serve a local church planting community by church planting community in a town, over two or three years, with a permanent OM team made available.

Join us in these plans which aim to present Christ in Brittany by making a gift to OM France, destined for “Project Brittany”.

The needs are endless: needs related to this summer’s Interceltic Festival; financial needs for the funding of Operation Lighthouse; needs connected with the support of people like Gaetan; needs to cover travel costs linked to these key activities. If you live anywhere other than France, please contact your national OM office.

[1] Sources :
Population bretonne : region.php?reg=105
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TRANSFORM is a five-day conference to praise God together and learn to share the gospel. It is then possible to go on a short-term mission for a week in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea to share the good news.This year, the conference was held from July 9th to July 14th in Barcelona and the participants went to put their gifts in the service of God to transform the lives of people without hope in one of the 3 countries around the Mediterranean Sea: France, Portugal, and Spain.
In France, a team was sent to Cantal and another to Bruay-la-Buissière in northern France.

CANTAL: offer a gospel to every home
In partnership with MSD (Mission Service Diffusion), 33 people travelled through many villages and distributed a lot of gospel tracts in Cantal with a clear but complex mission: to offer a gospel to every home.

“I was very encouraged to see the map get coloured as the days went on. Since I don’t speak French, the distribution was a nice way to have a concrete impact and to see the progress during the week. We hope to go back to that area in the future to continue working with the few churches in a least-reached part of France.“ Sander (Norway)

“We have been able to experience how solitude is so great in this region of Cantal, where every home or farm can be 10 minutes away by car. Although we had rejections, we were able to experience the faithfulness of God who directed us to people who were looking for him. Laureine (France)

BRUAY-LA-BUISSIERE : Encouraging the local church

Fellowship with the local church was a highlight for the teams, many local Christians were grateful and impressed that young people from far away would come to their church, their area, to help share the Gospel.
“This week of mission was busy, but positive. The OM team really blessed and encouraged us. It was great to hear their testimonies of how God worked in their lives. The focus of the mission was the two events on the final weekend, a musical concert and a family carnival. Despite a couple of technical worries, the concert was a great success with everyone in the churched touched by the lyrics of the songs. For the family carnival, I was so thankful to see the 11 members of the church working hand-in-hand with the OM team running the games, serving food and drinks, etc. “Around 40 children and their parents (more than 100 in total) enjoyed a sunny afternoon in the garden of the church! It was a great day introducing the church to many people in the community.” Yann, pastor in Bruay-la-Buissière.

“I came to France expecting to meet superficial people smelling of Chanel perfume, wearing expensive clothes with expensive handbags on their shoulders! Instead, I met two different types of people: the first was a small group of people who had surrendered to the will of God, a group of Christians with warm hearts and a desire to serve in the church. The second was a much larger “non-believing” community that was thirsty for the love of God.” Nadia (Mexico)

Teenstreet: a congress for young people – but not just for them!

From July 28th to August 4th, 3,271 participants (including 1,832 teenagers), came together in Germany for the Teenstreet conference organised by OM. Jean-Crépin who is 40 shares what it was like.

Thanks to a grant from my church, five of us were able to take part in the conference; one teenager, 3 volunteers and myself as a coach. I was responsible for a group of 7 teenagers aged between 16 and 17. Two of them had not yet taken the decision to invite Jesus into their lives. The most memorable part of the conference was when these two young people were converted. I would really urge everybody, whatever their age, to participate in Teenstreet. Not only are there on offer a wide range of themes, activities, teaching and games that are of excellent quality and perfectly adapted for 13 to 17 year olds, but older folk can also take part in the congress carrying out various tasks to do with organisation. So, at Teenstreet every age bracket can come and hear God speak as well as serve others.
I’ve stayed in touch with the teenagers in my group since the summer, in order to encourage them in their Christian walk. I can’t wait to meet up again with all the youngsters from my group at Teencity (take a look at the presentation below). I’m looking forward too to seeing young people invite Jesus into their lives, and take decisions for Him. I’m impatient as well to see God take me on in my Christian walk through all that I will experience during this weekend.


Meet up with us for an unforgettable Easter weekend! On the programme : small fellowship groups, worship evenings, workshops, witness in the city, Bible teaching…. Lots of memorable times together!
From April 20th to April 22nd (welcome of volunteers and adult supervisors the evening of 19th April)
at the Saint-Germain-en-Laye United evangelical Protestant Church 1 Avenue des Loges, 78100 Saint-Germain-en-Laye
More information :

« Project Rahab » in Paris

Begun in 2009 in Nantes under the name “Project Rahab”, the ministry among female victims of human trafficking also has a team based in Paris.

The current team is made up of 13 people spread over 2 areas in Paris. We go out at night to find these “princesses”, in order to share the good news, to pray and to praise God with them. During the day, we aid them in their administrative needs – social or other. Our priority however remains spiritual follow-up. It’s also on our heart to provide training for churches who want to start such a ministry, and to help those “princesses” who’ve left prostitution behind, or who are in the process of becoming attached to a church. Even when they’ve come out of prostitution, we try to keep in close contact with them. To take an example, one of these “princesses” we’d helped 2 years ago came to tell us she’d been granted her papers, and was now married. Even if not all of the stories have such an extraordinary outcome, and even if it’s sometimes difficult to maintain contact with those who had left France, this selection of stories give hope to others, and encourage us to persevere.
We pray that God’s will be done in the lives of these “princesses” , that they will be truly liberated by meeting Jesus, that the enemy will not be allowed to destroy our work, and that new people will join our team. We need people who will commit themselves to join us as we go out either regularly or at set times; getting alongside individuals in praise, prayer, providing administrative and social help, in artistic activities or visits to museums, etc. To sum up, the harvest is great and we need workers. God needs you!
Esther Ihowa

Literacy classes in the north of Paris

In partnership with a church in the north of Paris, twice a week, team members of OM France and members of the church provide literacy classes for immigrant women.

“Our main objective with these classes is to share the love of God through these classes, Bible stories and the relationships we build with the ladies. We want them to know that they are of great value in the eyes of God. We provide teachers with books and curriculum for them to prepare their lessons easily. Our students are from various countries and cultural backgrounds (including some unreached people groups from North Africa, Central Africa and Central Asia), ages (between 20 and 60), education levels (some have their Masters from their home country and others have never been to school). Some have come to France in search of “a better life” while others are here as political refugees. Despite their differences, they have something in common: the desire to improve their level of French, while enjoying a convivial environment. At the end of the class, over tea and mini-cakes, we take time to get to know them, to help them with administrative tasks or to discuss Bible stories. Some of the ladies even invite us to their homes and these visits allow us to have deeper conversations and to share our faith. These visits bear fruit: some have come to faith during these meetings (and in class as well). Thank you for praying for these ladies, that they come with a heart open to His Word. Please pray that God may give us teachers wisdom to disciple well our new sisters – and prayers for more teachers would be appreciated as well!

Louise*, Literacy Classes Leader
* Name changed