Dance for France

After the Transform conference last July in Rome, a group of the participants from eastern France joined a Transform short-term team to share the Gospel through dance, as part of the OM’s DanceLink ministry.

The group joined up with a much wider evangelism project, organised by an association of churches called “France Pour Christ,” which took place over a 3-week period. The OM team danced in the open-air, and evening concerts were organised through the week.

“Direct evangelism is not my forte,” said Linda, one of the team members.”I prefer to establish relationships and have one-to-one conversations rather than coming into people’s lives ‘cold’. Dance enables me to build up that rapport with people.”

The team saw enthusiasm from the community. One evening, the hall where they performed was full to capacity, and the dancers had to move their performance outside so the entire crowd could see them.

“Although it was not the ideal environment for dancing, the audience were touched by our concern for their evident frustration,” said Linda. “After our performance the singers came on and we were very aware of an atmosphere of joy and energy throughout the watching crowd. I walked quietly around, moved to the heart and full of thankfulness to God my heavenly Father, for His goodness.”

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Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2013