Don’t just gaze at the scenery

From the 18th to the 26th of July, OM will be in Marseille, taking part in a special outreach uniting several churches and Christian associations.

I’d like to invite you to come with me on a journey. I’m sitting in the TGV, speeding from Marseille to Paris, having just spent the last four days meeting pastors to prepare for the OM France, “Rain in Marseille” Transform outreach. And my emotions are as varied as the scenery, which flashes past at 320km/h, rapidly morphing from bright sun, to snow, to fog, to rain.

My excitement swells as my mind replays animated discussions with passionate leaders – dedicated locals, committed to God, committed to evangelism and committed to the success of a common goal: uniting the churches of Marseille for a week of outreach, announcing the good news of the Bible and shining as an example to the inhabitants of the city, proclaiming, “THIS is God’s church!”

And then, suddenly, I remember the dark oppression as I refuse a drug-pusher’s offer of “weed” as I wait for my train; the compassion which rises when faced with the many poor, the homeless, the Roma gypsies; the frustration of recalling indifferent refusals of the Gospel by atheists during a Friday-night outreach; the urgency of the need for help for so many pastors, patiently persevering, week after week; the thrill of open, engaging conversations with practicing muslims, passing out gospels and
Jesus films.

All this in only four days. So many people who just crossed my path, so many of the world’s unreached, all in one place. And they all have one need.
Come and serve God and the local church and be part of the excitement of Transforming lives. You could get involved in Kids’ clubs, street outreach teams, dance, distribution, door-to-door… Be refreshed by a collective time of teaching, worship and prayer, then head out with your team to different corners of Marseille.

Don’t just gaze at the scenery as it flashes past, be part of the panorama painted by the Master-Craftsman!


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To take part in Transform conference in Rome (13-18 July).