Farsi-speaking man receives Bible


“Having left the house late, going back to pick up the one Farsi Bible from my distribution material hardly seemed like a sensible idea,” said Carl* from OM France. “But God was prompting me, and I obeyed.”

There were no public transport delays, so in spite of leaving late, Carl arrived at the market ahead of his team. Those there to help him man the literature stand were all Arabic speakers. Carl was the only one in the group who did not speak Arabic, which is normally a disadvantage since most of their clients speak that language.

Soon the other team members arrived and they began having conversations with immigrants who stopped by the stand. “Suddenly one of our team members, James*, called me over to him. He was trying to chat with an Iranian who spoke only English and Farsi. Fifteen minutes later, we had discussed this man’s dissatisfaction with Islam and his struggle to accept the need to obey God. I suggested that if God had made us, our obedience was in fact His right.”

When Carl encouraged him to find out more, the man asked how he should proceed. “Then I knew that God had set everything up so that my Farsi-speaking friend could find the Truth,” said Carl. “I gave him the Bible I had returned home to get that morning.” Praise God for His provision for this seeking man! Pray that this man will read the Bible and know the Truth. 


*Names changed

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2011