Feeling free to love and to share

Why have we created a separate team called “Loving Muslims” – isn’t that what we’re supposed to do anyway?

Now there’s a valid question for a mission like OM whose vocation is to mobilise Christians to spread the gospel to all peoples, whatever their origin.

From the very beginnings of OM, we have sought to share the Good News with those who have least access to the Christian message. Our very first teams went everywhere, and especially to places where there was the greatest need. Loving everyone, and especially the least reached: that was what mission was all about!

With the recent events in France, we are all the more conscious of the need for a clear message, displaying both love and courage.
We should love those who are victims of unfair labelling. At the same time, we should be courageous in sharing the only way of salvation, available to all through Christ’s death on the cross.

That is also what it means to love someone. To tell the truth in a society which seeks to erase all differences. To preach about the One who proclaimed himself to be the only mediator between men and God. Freedom of expression is a right for Christians too. Let’s feel free to say it then, whilst at the same time feeling free to love all those who have such a great need for the Saviour!


The French Evangelical Alliance (CNEF) has recently launched the campaign “Libre de le dire! Oui mais comment?” For more information, click here.