Financial support: A team effort

The question of financing missions is not one which is often discussed. It’s nonetheless a vital element of the wide-ranging support which each missionary needs in order to function well. In France, as is true elsewhere, it’s important to speak about it. That’s why Simon Yeomans, the OM France Field Leader, wrote these thoughts on the subject to encourage people to give to mission activities and to partner with missionaries:

There are at least two subjects to avoid at the dinner table: politics and money. If you start discussing politics, don’t be surprised if the tone changes for the worse. As for money, don’t even think about it! Missionaries have to talk about it, however, and these taboos make it all the more difficult. 

Jesus did speak about money and we are supposed to be like him. So let’s give it a go!

Finding sufficient financial support remains one of the main factors preventing new workers from joining missions. The challenges don’t go away either for those already on the mission field, as some folk struggle to reach their target, sometimes after several years of service. 

Our world is constantly changing. Some people suggest that we need to find new ways of financing missions, and they are of course right. Nevertheless, I remain personally convinced of the benefits of a support system based on personal relationships, allowing each donor to keep up a close and personal link with the missionary. And it’s precisely this link which protects them during times of financial downturn.

We shouldn’t forget that financial giving to missions and missionaries is just the visible part of the much more vast spiritual support required. By giving our support in such a way, we are affirming that we are part of the missionary’s team and that we are behind him in his work.

Have you considered supporting a missionary with OM France? If so, thank you! If not, why not think about it? Your gift, whether for a missionary, a ministry or another area of particular need will have direct spiritual impact! You will allow us to move forward in carrying out our vision, that of sharing Christ’s love with the people of our country.

Do you want to give to OM France? All the information you need is available on our website.

Region: Europe
Country: France