Four years with OM France

Céline has been heading up communications in the OM office for four years and is now leaving to return to Switzerland.

Why did you join OM France?
I had already spent 3 years in France, on various work placements related to my studies with the Bible School in Geneva, and so had a desire to serve the church in France, whilst finding out more about international missions work.

What has your work involved?
My work has been three-fold: communications work based in the OM office; supporting and helping with evangelism amongst the homeless in Paris, and local church involvement, mainly in the form of welcoming and visiting women.

What will you miss most?
I have really enjoyed the atmosphere in the OM office – you can sense the Holy Spirit’s presence there! I love the ”OM spirit”: global openness, walking by faith, prayer and simplicity. I have also discovered the huge variety of activities it is possible to be involved in – I think that’s one of the main blessings of missionary work.

What does the future hold for you?
The next chapter for me is to return to Switzerland, where I grew up. I’m excited to discover what God has in store for me.