From the street to a life transformed by God

When Jesus said to the religious leaders of his time that prostitutes would enter the kingdom of God ahead of them (Matthew 21v31-32), he already saw all those who would believe in him throughout the centuries. Among them is Julie*, whom we met at the beginning of 2016. Today, she is in a town in France to which she was exfiltrated after being threatened by her pimp in Nantes.

The turning point in Julie*’s life happened before our eyes in our living room, just before she left Nantes. My wife and I took a moment to pray with her. She confessed her sins and renounced the vows she had made before coming to Europe. This resulted in a radical change. Her decision to follow the Lord was stronger than her fear of spirits. She left a little suitcase and a bag with me which she asked me to throw away.

They contained the clothes that she wore when she walked the street. Each time I phone her, she doesn’t stop thanking God for what He has done in her life. She reads His word faithfully, encourages us in our ministry, and prays for us. More than a year later, Julie* also surprises us by her professional development, having come from a little village back in Nigeria. Not only does she speak French, but she is also following a culinary training course, and has received unanimous appreciation for her conscientious and positive attitude.

My prayer is that everywhere in France, many women and young girls who have been taken out of prostitution networks might be transformed by God’s vibrant love. I pray that as living embodiments of the kingdom of God about which Jesus spoke two thousand years ago, they would then take their place in vibrant communities of disciples.

Marcel Georgel

*name changed