Giving the gospel to theatregoers

Every year, 100,000 people stream into Avignon, France, for their annual performing arts festival, which took place this year from 6-26 July. While the main events take place in local theatres, many acts are also presented on the streets. What better place for a team to creatively proclaim the gospel?

This year, Open Air Campaigners (OAC) and OM France teamed up to produce a dynamic outreach for the festival. Fifteen people from France, UK, Australia and Canada worked with local church members performing on the streets of Avignon.

Each evening, they attracted a crowd of 50-150 people with performances of music, mime and florescent-painted sketch boards lit by a black light. 

The team gave out hundreds of tracts and put people in contact with the local church. Listeners often stayed to talk with team members after the presentations.

“Gilles, a teacher, had no interest in the Bible up to this point, and had doubts on the existence of God,” says one team member.” Nevertheless, he was prepared to read the gospel of John over a week.”

Another participant says, “Daniel, a young German guy, spent a year on a farm after his baccalaureate. He had lots of questions for us about the Bible and science. He was happy to receive a DVD on the life of Jesus.”

Praise God for many opportunities the team had to talk about Christ. Pray that their interactions will have eternal impact. For more information about OM France, contact

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2011