God at work in northeast France

Recently, OM France and OM Belgium joined to help the Bruay-la-Buissière Evangelical Church in northeast France reach out to its community. In just over a week, the entire town received a tract and an invitation to various events taking place at the church.

When the group of 19 people from seven countries performed the international night at the church, team member Tan, from New Zealand, says she felt God’s presence as she took part in sharing cultural items from home.

“I almost felt as though God had His hand on me and was saying, ‘Good on you, Tan,’” she remembers. “I was so blown away by how God filled the church both nights, and amazed that every home got an invite. God is so faithful to us.”

Laurence remembers specifically one young man and his girlfriend who came to church for the first time. After the programme, the man approached one of the singers and told her he felt that she was not just singing, but that there was something more.

“He could sense that she was singing with all her heart for the Lord,” says Laurence. “God was certainly at work.”

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Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2011