God opens doors

After the Transit Challenge team dropped off team members Chris (US) and Marvin (Germany) in the suburbs of Paris to distribute church flyers, the two guys suddenly realised they didn’t have a map! They decided to put flyers in the doors along the main street and then go to the apartments nearby, even though they’d been told the apartment blocks were inaccessible because entry required a code.

The first apartment block proved impossible to enter. At the second they prayed, and in less than two minutes a man drove up. As he got out of the car with his groceries and went into the building, they followed. At the third building Marvin and Chris prayed again, and within 10 seconds a few workmen came out the door, which meant they could get in.

At the fourth block, Marvin said to Chris, “I believe that we will get into every apartment block today.” They prayed and waited. Nothing happened. Marvin tried some of his basic French phrases with the workmen, pointed to the door-entry system and tried to show that they needed access to the letterboxes. A workman gave them the door code, which made it possible to enter all 10 apartment buildings. They had stepped out in faith, and God responded!

Marvin, Chris and the rest of the Transit Challenge team spent three weeks serving six Paris churches during their 5-month tour of Europe, sharing God’s love with those they met. In Paris, they painted, cleaned, distributed flyers, stuck up posters and did child care.

Interested in demonstrating God’s love and sharing your faith with the people of Europe? Click here to learn more about joining the Transit Challenge this year. 

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: ©2013