Grace in action

Even though the French church is still small and the country a harvest field, OM France sees an enormous missions potential in the church. Therefore, the team sends young people on short- and long-term outreaches to different countries. A youth group from Lyon spent a TiM (Teens in Missions) week in England. Leaders Jérémie and Doriane share part of their story:

“We took a group of 13 from Lyon to Southampton, UK, for a mission organised by a local church. We went to a children’s holiday centre in the mornings and afternoons, organising activities for the children, including a bouncy castle and a free barbecue.

Several things stood out. Firstly, we saw grace in action. The church gave so much to these families over the week: games and activities, meals in the evening, sweets at all times—unconditionally and without limits! Secondly, the whole area knows ‘Bob the pastor’, a former heroin addict whose life was changed because of Jesus. He is always ready to accompany any local youth to their court hearing. The third lesson we learnt was that it is hard to love without expecting to be loved in return. For instance, you give and the food is sometimes thrown back at you, or you are insulted. But despite it all, what a joy it is to have helped baptise 23 new Christians in one day!”


Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2012