In partnership with churches

One of the key values of OM France is to work in partnership with churches. Linda * belongs to a church that ministers to women who are victims of human trafficking. Sarah’s* church provides literacy courses for female immigrants. Both share their experiences.

“A few women who are victims of human trafficking into prostitution have been put up on church premises” testifies Linda.* “A room was transformed to become a guest bedroom. Our desire was to provide a quiet place for them to find refuge. We are a kind of transit area where women come while waiting to set out for a new city to begin a new life. Through prayer, practical and moral support, our church is a humble link in the great chain of the struggle against prostitution. We come across other links in this chain in the form of the ministry that God has given to Linda* and the OM France team ; “a network for good” (as opposed to those networks linked to human abuse and exploitation). What an honour and privilege to be used by God to take care of the most despised of His children, working alongside the ministry of those who have responded to His call on their lives.”

Sarah* has been a volunteer for several months, involved with literacy courses organised by OM France in her church two afternoons a week. She describes how she is “very happy to have got to know the women team members. Cheerful, committed, possessing a good level of French, they put a lot of effort into teaching Muslim women from the Maghreb, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia. For some of them, this is the only place where they will speak French. I love taking part in these courses. I can tell that the women attending feel comfortable, and that they make every effort to learn to the best of their abilities. At the same time, I sense that some are burdened with a heavy weight of suffering. Coming to the course, however, seems to provide a breath of fresh air for them. I do believe that the kindness of the teachers and the welcome they provide are a big factor in all this. Every woman is treated as a unique individual. When the time comes for the Bible story, the women are respectful and listen carefully. I’m so happy that our church can open its doors to welcome these ladies. It’s a wonderful testimony, especially since it’s a difficult time for France. I’d like to say ‘Well done’ to the teachers for their commitment. May God bless you, and may you continue with the great work!”

*assumed names