Is it worth it all?

Martin and Petro Delange (South Africa) joined OM France 3 years ago in order to develop a ministry among Turkish people, a large people group in France who hears little of the Gospel.

We have been in fulltime ministry now for the past 26 years. It is a real blessing to be able to stand in fulltime service for the Lord. Needless to say there were many challenges during the years and from time to time you find yourself asking, is it worth it all? Just a few weeks ago one Sunday evening when no one showed up for the seekers meeting in Samir*’s coffee shop I asked myself this question. It can be very discouraging, we usually do not stay long in the valley of despair but this time it felt like I could not get out of it.

In the meantime Nadia*, a Turkish lady asked me if I can get her a complete Bible. I was surprised at her request; it was then that she told me that she has been reading through the whole of the New Testament and that she really would like to read the other part as well.

We had no complete Turkish Bibles left and had to make a trip into Paris to find a Turkish Bible at the French Bible society. I think it was the last one they had left. I bought it, took it back home where Petro wrapped it in some nice paper and the following day we went to visit Nadia. After a nice cup of Turkish coffee we presented the gift to her. When she opened the package and saw that it was a Turkish Bible, she started to sob. She excused herself and left for the kitchen with Petro following her. In the kitchen I could hear the loud sobbing and crying of a woman that just got an amazing, wonderful gift. Later through tearfilled eyes Sultan told me that this is the best gift she ever got.

Two days later when Petro and I visited her again she told us how she cannot put the Bible down at night, she reads it until she literally falls asleep. It was then that I realized that in spite of everything, it is worth it all. What we are doing is worth it all. There is no greater gift than to introduce someone to the gospel of Jesus.

Martin Delange

We wish to enlarge our team working among the Turkish people. Do you desire to join us? Contact Sue Yeomans: It is also possible to support this ministry through your local OM office.

*names changed