Joël, Coach at TeenStreet 2017: ‘unshakeable’

From July 27th until August 3rd, around 2,100 teenagers gathered in Germany for TeenStreet. Joël (21) has now participated in the conference five times: three times as a teen, once as a volunteer, and this time as a coach.

How would you define your role as a coach?

As a coach, I was responsible for a group of six teenagers. My role was to watch over them and spend quality time with them, to lead teaching sessions and discussion groups, to get to know them and find out where they are in their faith, to pray with them about things they worry about. I was able to encourage them with God’s word and to share with them what God had done in my life. Basically, I spent the week with them as though I was an older brother.

What was most memorable for you?

Lots of things really stood out for me. The things that touched me the most were seeing how much young people can suffer in this world, and witnessing some of them committing themselves sincerely to God and asking for his help. This year’s theme was ‘Unshakeable’. Yes, God is unshakeable! TeenStreet encouraged us to develop an unshakeable faith, and to rely totally on God despite trials. It also helped me to realize that my experiences can help young people in their walk with the Lord

Would you encourage others to become a coach?

What advice would you give them? A big YES! A coach must have a heart to serve God and young people. It’s a huge privilege to be able to serve the Lord and to have the incredible experience of trying to be a good role model.

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