Long term positions (world-wide)


Factor: A Discipleship Experience

| 06-Jan-2019 - 31-Mar-2019 |

Factor is a three month volunteer discipleship experience in Belgium, the heart of Europe. This program is a portal for exposure to world missions, the chance to make a difference through practical service and to be personally discipled. Opportunities to travel to the Netherlands, France, Germany and Luxembourg are possible as part of the mentoring program.

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##CANCELLED## Greece Christmas Outreach

| 16-Dec-2018 - 23-Dec-2018 |

As the Christmas season is upon us, come join us in reminding Greeks what the season is all about! We will be supporting a local church in their Christmas Outreach, participating in their mercy ministries, engaging in evangelism, and singing Christmas carols!

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Hope of Israel Winter 2019

| 06-Jan-2019 - 20-Jan-2019 |

You will be challenged to draw closer to God as you trust Him to show you how to share your faith with the various people groups that inhabit the Land of Israel, including Jewish people (the whole spectrum from secular to traditional to ultra-orthodox), Arabic-speaking peoples (both Muslims and nominal Christians), and others (among them visitors to Israel from all over the world). Emphasis is on team building and a variety of outreach activities as a group, working in conjunction with our OM Israel short and long-term staff.

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Near East

Global Food Garden in The Arab World January Option

| 01-Jan-2019 - 28-Feb-2019 |

The GFG project is to create a ministry tool in the different countries, a clear identity of the worker and a sustainable ministry through income and businesses.

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##FULL## Volunteer Teens in Mission city holiday outreach

| 27-Dec-2018 - 31-Dec-2018 |

During this outreach different activities will be organized to support local churches and organisations. We will: do kids ministry, bake cake/cookies for the people from the elderly houses, do a prayer walk, help practically where needed. For example paint or clean a house, do a puppet or drama act, make music on the street and/or sport activities. You will also have a small amount of time to have Bible devotion together with other volunteers.

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North Africa

Restoring Hope - Christmas Outreach (Optional Extention)

| 17-Dec-2018 - 29-Dec-2018 |

After performing a creative Christmas program the team will get involved in praying for their needs and distributing Christmas gifts.

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Refugee Relief Serbia 2018

| 20-Dec-2018 - 27-Dec-2018 |

On a highway, near the border of Croatia, OM Montenegro and Serbia is providing help for the refugees in the One Stop Center "Adaševci".

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##FULL## Refugee Relief Serbia 2018-2019

| 27-Dec-2018 - 03-Jan-2019 |

On a highway, near the border of Croatia, OM Montenegro and Serbia is providing help for the refugees in the One Stop Center "Adaševci".

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Thailand Sawasdee Chiang Rai 2019

| 04-Jan-2019 - 29-Jan-2019 |

This is the second time of organising the Sawasdee Chiang Rai mission trip. By the grace of God, we could reach out the least-reached tribal group in the area and the participants of last year have had a very insightful experience while serving in a cross-cultural environment. They could even lead the worship singing Thai songs.

Categories: Friendship Evangelism | Teaching English
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United States

OM Ships Florence STEP (JANUARY)

| 01-Jan-2019 - 30-Mar-2019 |

During this 2-3 month program participants will: • Serve in our Ministry Center sorting & packing books. Other service opportunities are available on an individual basis depending on the person’s expertise. • Participate in the OM Ships Florence team life and interact with our international OM missionary staff • Experience the American culture and have the opportunity to visit one or two nearby cities (Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Charlotte) • Improve their English (if appropriate) • Visit local churches and/or participate in a local church

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