Mad in France 2016

OM France organized and ran Global Village for the second time in this biennal, interdenominational Christian festival for young people aged 15-25. Attendees of the festival were encouraged to bring a non-believing friend with them.

Approximately 1,200 people came to the intensive 3-day event. Over 750 underwent the 4D experience where they confronted real-life challenges, and learnt how to respond to them – essentially by sharing the Gospel with others. Afterwards they were asked to write a letter to themselves explaining how they wanted to put in practice what they had learnt. We then sent to the 750 participants a few months later their own letters. We were very encouraged by their feedback.
“During this experience”, shared a girl, “I had a revelation of the gift God had given me, and of Him telling me to share it with others. But also of how ignorant I am concerning His Word”. A team member (Gyongyi Legradi) was participating in the festival for the 4th time, and observed: “People react in a variety of ways to the experience. Some are deeply moved. To others it’s good fun and it stops there – something that is not too serious or real. Others again want to keep on coming back to have the opportunity to improve. No matter how they respond, God works in their hearts on their journey with Him. What has the greatest impact on me is to hear them share their own stories of restoration and redemption from situations that without Christ, were hopeless.”

We pray that God will speak to each one of them with respect to their walk with Him (or conversely His absence in their lives), and what God is calling them to in the world, and that some of them may even join us for short or longer-term mission opportunities. Our partnership with MAD in France is a real blessing, as we join with over 1,000 people from all over France from differing backgrounds.

Ger van Veen