Next step: church-planting

OM France wants to mobilise Christians in France and elsewhere to get involved in a church-planting project.


Serving the French church is one of our mission’s key goals!



We always seek to carry out our projects in collaboration with local churches. Each outreach seeks to support the local church or churches and renew their motivation in announcing the Gospel. Our longer term projects are also carried out in partnership with local churches: literacy courses, ministry to women who are victims of human trafficking, TeenStreet….It’s vital too that each team member plays an active part in their local assembly, as well as being supported by a sending church.

While still pursuing the same goal of serving the French church, our aim is to take a further step forward: the planting of new churches as part of a wider work of the CNEF (The French Evangelical Alliance), and their project “1 for 10,000”. The goal being to bring together workers from France and elsewhere, in order to take part in birthing a new community of believers. Game for the adventure?


Sounds interesting? If so, get in touch with us here: