Off the grid – 40 days in New Zealand

My husband Geoffrey had been thinking about going abroad. One day, we came across information about a mission in New Zealand called “Off the Grid” on the OM website.

We knew straight away that this was for us! The program is designed for a small group of participants and includes hiking in the mountains, teaching times, quiet times, moments to seek guidance for the future; these things jumped off the page for us.
With no internet, telephone or other distractions, the goal for us was to become more Christ-like in our everyday living, to leave our comfort zone, and to learn to witness to complete strangers as well as friends, neighbours and colleagues. We covered lots of different subjects, explored numerous questions, and were challenged to discover our real priorities in life. The 40-day program was hard going physically, morally and spiritually. But at the same time, it was a huge benefit to us. We were able to endure more. We grew in patience. And the Lord spoke to each one of us individually, leaving us transformed by the experience.

The challenge for us after this training is to continue to move forward with the Lord Jesus, having new priorities, and trusting Him completely so as to grow as His disciples. We’re not sure what we’ll be doing when we return to France. But we’ve learned that we can and need to be missionaries in our everyday life. No matter what kind of work we’re involved in, or what rank we attain, we need to live as Jesus would wish us to live. We’re called to serve Him in whatever role He calls us to.