One week makes a difference

What difference can just one week make? Loads! We serve a mighty God, who uses even our short-term efforts to make a huge impact for His glory. One or two weeks can motivate and reignite a passion for the lost in local churches, encourage our brothers and sisters in what they are currently doing, showing them that they are not alone in the battle. It can transform the attitude of a town towards the churches found there, show Christ’s love to those hungry and thirsty for real life and impact  team members in ways they never could have imagined. We are in the business of planting seeds. God is in the business of making them grow! (1 Cor. 3:6-7)

Our teams have seen and been a part of God’s work recently in the towns of Castres and Caen.

Castres: A six-person team assisted the local church in distributing Gospels and invitations to a Christian musical at the end of the week, which depicted the story of the sacrificial lamb from the Exodus to Christ. We knocked on over 1000 doors, spoke to 430 people, had 100 good conversations leading to 15 discussions which ended in requests for a pastoral visit or a Bible! In addition, over 300 people were present at the musical!

Caen: This was an intensive week of distribution and running two kids’ clubs simultaneously, but we were really encouraged by the church members’ involvement in the outreach. Amazingly, NONE of the activities were rained off! We had contact with about 30 children from the area, and praise God for the presence of one local man who attended the International Night after receiving an invitation in his letter box!

Please continue to pray that God impacts many lives long-term through the outreach efforts in these towns.


Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2012