Prejudice, the Least Reached, and European Missions

When God told me that He wanted to use me to reach those without access to the gospel or a Christian witness, I started scouring maps of the 10/40 window. I was excited, ready.

I was not happy when the Lord told me to go to France. Europe! Surely He was mistaken. It angered me that most missionaries go to mostly Christian nations while other areas of the world languish for lack of someone to share Christ in person.

All I could do was entrust myself into His wisdom and seek out His plan for me in a land where Bibles and church buildings were plentiful.

Living in France for the past year has opened my eyes in a way that statistics could not. It’s one thing to read that 10% of the population is estimated to be Muslim while less than 1% is evangelical Christian. It’s something else to walk into the French literacy class that I teach and know that for many of these veiled ladies, my fellow teachers and I are the only Christians they know. Each week women from among the least reached—Moroccan, Bengali, Comorian—encounter His Word from creation to Pentecost through stories incorporated into our teaching materials.

Clearly God has a higher plan than my own on world evangelism. I pray we’re all ready to avidly accept our roles in it, whatever they may look like.