« Project Rahab » in Paris

Begun in 2009 in Nantes under the name “Project Rahab”, the ministry among female victims of human trafficking also has a team based in Paris.

The current team is made up of 13 people spread over 2 areas in Paris. We go out at night to find these “princesses”, in order to share the good news, to pray and to praise God with them. During the day, we aid them in their administrative needs – social or other. Our priority however remains spiritual follow-up. It’s also on our heart to provide training for churches who want to start such a ministry, and to help those “princesses” who’ve left prostitution behind, or who are in the process of becoming attached to a church. Even when they’ve come out of prostitution, we try to keep in close contact with them. To take an example, one of these “princesses” we’d helped 2 years ago came to tell us she’d been granted her papers, and was now married. Even if not all of the stories have such an extraordinary outcome, and even if it’s sometimes difficult to maintain contact with those who had left France, this selection of stories give hope to others, and encourage us to persevere.
We pray that God’s will be done in the lives of these “princesses” , that they will be truly liberated by meeting Jesus, that the enemy will not be allowed to destroy our work, and that new people will join our team. We need people who will commit themselves to join us as we go out either regularly or at set times; getting alongside individuals in praise, prayer, providing administrative and social help, in artistic activities or visits to museums, etc. To sum up, the harvest is great and we need workers. God needs you!
Esther Ihowa