“Freedom Network”

Set up initially in the spring of 2009 in NANTES as the “Rahab project”, the ministry to those women caught up in human trafficking has now spread to other French cities, resulting in the establishing of the “Freedom Network.”



For several years now in LYON, Christians have been going out onto the streets to meet these women, alongside the association “Covenant of Hope.”

A group has also been created in ORLEANS.

Meanwhile, in MARSEILLE, the “White Ribbon” association has recently seen the light of day.

At MONTPELLIER, the “Hope and Joy” group is just a couple of months old. Faced with the multitude of needs, Anne, who is a member of the group, writes: “The train is constantly pulling ahead of us; the needs of the women urge us forward. We also emotionally support several of them apart from street visits. The texting facility allows us to encourage them between our visits. Judith* has paid off her debts, but continues to live on the streets whilst awaiting her regularisation papers. Her dream is to work in a supermarket. She comes regularly to our meetings,” says Anne, before leaving us with this verse which is so full of hope: “I led them with cords of human kindness, with ties of love. I lifted the yoke from their neck and bent down to feed them.” (Hosea 11.4)
A project has been going in PARIS for a year. A group has been formed in partnership with OM France. Here’s what the team has to say. “Carla*, Flore *, and her brother Albert *, are three friends whom the Lord has brought to our meetings centred on His Word, allowing us to get to know each other, to pray and above all, to hear what the Lord has to say to us. Let’s pray that Carla, Flore and Albert will come to experience an authentic relationship with Christ for themselves! If Carla and Flore are to leave life on the streets, then the next step is for them to find work. They are both willing to do a few cleaning jobs each month.” This is a matter for specific prayer both for the team and for their churches.


So, in all these and other French cities. May new names be added to the list of those who can say today: “Yes, God has helped me, God has forgiven me, God has set me free. Let all the glory go to Him.” This is the heartfelt desire of Lionel* and Julie*, responsible for beginning the work at NANTES, as part of the work of OM France.



* Names changed