Second chance

“No thanks!” The man definitely didn’t want a tract. Unknown to him, the lady holding out her hand was silently praying.

Two hundred meters down the street: “Hello, would you please help us with a short questionnaire?” The man hesitated, “I don’t have much time; I’m quite in a rush, but I suppose if it doesn’t take too long…”

“Thank you! It’s a Bible knowledge test…” And so began a long discussion, as the man had many questions about God and religion and jumped at the opportunity of getting answers to the many unknowns. Through their discussion, he heard the wonderful news of Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for us. At the end, he accepted a free Gospel of John, even though he didn’t want to meet the pastor. “If, by chance, I meet others like you, someone who believes, I’ll talk with him.”

Pray that he “by chance” meets other Christians and, through them and the Gospel booklet he received, comes to understand the good news.

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2012