See you in France!

Ashley, 19, from Canada, joined OM France in November 2012 for a two-year term. She shares a bit of how God led her to OM and some of the ministry she’s been involved in so far.   

I finished high school over a year ago and honestly didn’t know what to do next. I was looking into possibilities to travel, go to Bible school, or maybe go on a mission trip when I came across OM online.

I picked a couple of countries that interested me after speaking to an OMer in Canada and started to pray about them. It was during that time that God made it clear that I was to go to France.

Since my arrival I’ve been involved in a literacy class to immigrant women and helping in the OM communications department. I’ve been learning about the Bible and learning French, as well as participating in short term mission trips like TiM (Teens in Mission) and TeenStreet.

TiM brought teens from all over Europe to England for a week of sharing the gospel through face painting, playing soccer with children, inviting families to a BBQ and letting people share prayer requests.

The second part of our ministry was with a local youth club who invited us to lead a meeting. Team members shared their testimonies and a drama describing how Jesus is always a true friend to us. A feeling of community developed quickly as we all slept on a church floor, prayed together and were almost always together – even when we didn’t have to be. I left the week with a bigger picture of God’s potential for me.

TeenStreet is a giant youth camp with teens from all over Europe. Teens are able to spend time with friends, make new friends, dig deeper into their relationship with God and discover more of who they are in Him.

I volunteered with KidStreet, which is a day programme for the children of TeenStreet staff. It was fun playing with children from numerous nationalities, despite not being able to communicate verbally all the time, and having a Bible lesson with a small group each day. A highlight of my days at TeenStreet was the Throne Room, a part of each day set aside to worship God through music and singing. God really used that time to convict me of sin and begin exposing more of my heart to Him.

God has used my time in France to change and teach me. I’ve learnt a lot since I arrived through all of the different ministries I’ve been involved with. And I have been pleasantly and willingly pushed out of my comfort zone many times.

If you and God have been talking about taking part and serving more in your church, community or elsewhere, be obedient to what He’s saying to you. Maybe you need to stop talking about it and do it, or maybe you two need to have a serious conversation.

Who knows, maybe I’ll see you in France!

To learn more about OM France’s short-term outreach opportunities, click here. For information on OM France’s longer-term opportunities, click here.

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2014