Sharing the good news with kids


“Turning up at a park and initially seeing no children around is discouraging, especially when you’re looking to do a kids’ club,” said an OM short-term worker after a two-week outreach in Carpentras, Southern France.

Working closely with a local church, 12 short- and long-term OMers spent two weeks organising open-air market outreaches, surveys, kids’ clubs and international nights in the old town. 

“God is good,” continued the OMer. “After everything was set up, suddenly a crowd of kids and parents arrived, and we had a kids’ club! It became very encouraging to keep turning up at the park, knowing that there would be kids. Sometimes there were a lot, sometimes not so many or none, but we knew that God was, and is, working in the hearts of those who attended and heard the gospel. We thank Him for these opportunities to share the good news of His great love for all.”

Two New Testaments in Arabic, 34 DVDs about Jesus, 22 Manga-style “Messiah” booklets, 11 Gospels of John, 15 Q&A books and one Bible were handed out during the two-weeks. Please pray with the team for results.

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2011