So what did you do during the holidays?

© Sam Thomas

This summer, in the peak of the heat-wave, when most “normal” human beings were sheltering from the sun, an intrepid group of over 100 believers from all around the globe gathered in the south of France to join our “Heart for Marseille” outreach.

Participants and pastors put their plans on pause for a week, and chose to head out into the streets, parks, beaches, apartment blocks and even old-people’s homes to share the Gospel in a variety of ways with a variety of people. In some places we were limited in what we could say by the rigours of French law, so a practical demonstration of Christ’s love was required – smiling, listening, caring, cleaning. In public places the same French law allowed us complete freedom to talk directly about our Saviour, hand out Bibles, Jesus films, run kids’ clubs with puppets and bible stories, even dance and sing
at key tourist sites.

Each day we gathered in the morning for a time of uplifting worship and sound Bible teaching, followed by mixed-small-group prayer and sharing, then training and preparation. After a typical French meal together, we split into 6 teams with 7 churches and headed to different areas of Marseille for an afternoon and evening of outreach.

It was amazing to be part of God’s work in France, to hear the exciting stories each day of divine encounters, and to personally witness lives touched by the power of Christ – even in uniting the diverse churches of Marseille. Who’s in for next year? Put 2-10 July 2016 in your calendar!

Paul Dixon