Teaching to immigrant women

In recent years, the immigrant population in France has grown significantly. OMers have begun seeking creative ways of reaching out to these immigrants with the Gospel.

Valerie*, Lisa* and Lynn*, who work with OM to help immigrants, started the scholastic year off at Saint Denis walking around the open market, handing out announcements about the French literacy class they are teaching to immigrant women. The meeting room filled up quickly with new women from Bangladesh, India, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria. Some of the women came only briefly, while others have become regulars.

“We always pray that God will bring the right women who have an open heart to hear the Bible stories presented during the class,” Lynn said.

A few weeks ago, after completing the Old Testament, the OMers started the stories of Jesus, the promised Messiah. Some women seem a little uncomfortable with the topic, while others seem fascinated and want to talk more about Jesus. 

“It’s always a joy to see the women’s reactions to hearing the stories of Jesus for the first time,” Lynn said.   

A few women have started to stay longer to chat with the OMers after class. One of the women told Lynn she was a kind person and had many good things going for her. The woman’s belief is that good works can save a person. Lynn took the opportunity to share with her how Lynn was a sinner and deserved to die, but she was thankful God sent Jesus the Saviour to die in her place.

“This is the time when meeting the women one-on-one becomes more important,” Lynn said, “especially for those who want to learn more.”

Last week, it seemed like spring was in the air, so the OMers decided to spend an afternoon in the park with a couple of women from the class, before stopping by Lynn’s apartment for tea. It went so well, they plan to continue as often as weather permits.

“Visiting the women in their homes is nice,” Lynn said, “but often it is more difficult to talk about Jesus. When they come to my place, I have their full attention.”

Little by little, through persistent friendship and hearing about the Gospel of Jesus, these women from all over the globe are coming to an understanding of who Jesus is and what He wants to do in their lives.

Please pray for the women coming to this class, and for the OMers reaching out to their new neighbours. To stay informed about OM’s ministry in France, visit the OM France news page.  

* Name changed


Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2013