TeenStreet 2012 and Raise and Give

Nearly 215 people from France participated in TeenStreet 2012 in July to learn a “New Song”—the theme for the week taken from Psalm 40—and how to lead a life closer to God. It was a highly emotional week for the participants, and many teenagers were touched by God. They found answers to their questions in the Word and made life-changing decisions.

A main event of the week was the RAG (Raise and Give) race. Each teenager raised money and found sponsors for this fundraising race. At TeenStreet, lots of the French teenagers took part in the race and contributed towards the 44,000 euros raised as a gift to OM Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The money will finance projects that will give young Bosnians an opportunity to get together for times of sharing while playing sport. One will help develop a campground owned by the national church. Additionally, some of the funds will go towards a football school in Sarajevo where 50 kids have received weekly training

 “The camp has been one of the most efficient ways to share the gospel and develop the believers’ faith and walk with the Lord,” affirms an OM Bosnia worker.

The three teenagers who raised the most money—among them a girl from France—will be given the opportunity to go to Bosnia and see how the work is progressing in March 2013. The TeenStreet leadership believes that helping those in need and sharing are important values to learn, and believe that encouraging the TeenStreet participants to practice these opens their eyes and touches their hearts.

OM France thanks all those who took part in the adventure. Don’t forget to sign up for another TeenStreet week next year, from 27 July to 3 August 2013. For more information, visit www.teenstreet.de.


Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2012