The Gospel and travel meet

Kyle Scott (UK) joined OM Europe’s Transit Challenge Team at Transform 2010 and spent the next 6 months travelling from Italy through Southern Europe to the Balkans. After returning home for Christmas, he flew to Germany for the GO conference in January 2011, from where he joined the OM team in France. We were curious to know more…

Kyle, please tell us a bit about yourself.

I grew up in Northern Ireland, in a small town called Kesh, surrounded by tractors and fields. As a child, I was keenly interested in the army, and trained with the Cadet Force until I turned 18-years-old. I completed my A-Levels at Portora Royal School, and have a place for an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Degree in 2012, although I may not go.

Why did you decide to join the Transit Challenge Team?

I grew up in a Christian family, and at the age of 5, decided to follow Jesus. When I was 16-years-old, I joined my school’s Scripture Union Committee, and started understanding more and more of what it means to be a Christian. As a result of years of prayer, the headmaster allowed us to distribute the Bible to everyone in the school that year – something previously unheard of! It was at about the time I started to prepare for my exams, and I had to decide what to do with the next part of my life. I hadn’t gone to ‘The Stables’ for a while – a gathering of folk with a speaker every other Saturday. George Verwer was the guest speaker, and as always, gave a challenging talk. I was excited to hear of Transform 2010 and after talking to George’s assistant for a while, decided to google ‘Transform’ once home. Presented with a copious amount of options, I started short-listing based on finances, country, dates, and so on. By the end of the week, I had essentially got nowhere. Frustrated, I started over. “God, show me the one…” I clicked “Transit Challenge” on the Transform homepage and while reading the description, heard a loud “YES!” I knew this outreach was for me. It also turned out to completely defy my original short-list of finance and dates. This one lasted 5 months, and therefore cost the most. But it didn’t matter anymore. I began to pray around 6 times a day for finances, and got everything I needed. At about 3 or so in the morning, I set out for Dublin Airport. Destination: Transform 2010. I had no expectations. I prefer to be surprised!

How did you end up in France?

After our outreach in France, I received a generic email regarding long-term service with OM France. Curious to know more, I replied. Next thing, my parents get a phone call telling them that I would be going to France for 6 months. Of course my mother hadn’t a clue what was going on, and neither did I. But I decided to take this ‘misunderstanding’ as a possible sign and kept France in my prayers. When I returned home from the Transit Challenge Team, I decided – with some good fatherly advice – to take off into the mountains and spend time with God. The whole time I was there, I felt God telling me to get on with it. “Get on with what, Lord?” I replied. But I soon realised what He meant. It was like I had to cross the ‘Red Sea’, not sure of the outcome. And so, with a single ticket in my hand, and a rucksack on my back, I made my way to the GO Conference in January 2011. I had taken the next step – where it would lead me, I did not know. While at the GO conference, I met with the personnel of OM UK and OM France. It was agreed that I could join OM France, and here I am now.

What is your current ministry with OM France?

I work with male immigrants in Paris. A female ministry has already been established, and so a team member and I are working on developing a male’s ministry too. Most of my work consists of distributing Bibles and literature, talking with folks on the street, providing French language classes, and making contacts. We have been encouraged by the openness of people to the Gospel, and by new contacts made in the past few months.

What do your parents think of all this?

My parents have always supported me in everything I do. They have never pushed me to conform, especially in regards to education. They say they are behind everything I do, and they are. Important to them is that I follow God’s will and worship Him wherever I am. And to me, that is the most important too.

What is your long-term plan (if any)?

My long term plan: HA! Right now, I really do not know. I could stay in France for longer, but that is only one option. I have been thinking about the Transit Challenge Team again recently. As a new ministry within OM Europe, I think it has a lot of potential, and I would love to become a long-term part of it. I adore travelling. And travelling whilst sharing the Gospel, what more could one want? I’m trusting God to reveal His will to me. I’ve just got to try the doors, and see which one opens.

Would you encourage others to join the Transit Challenge Team?

YES! It was the hardest five months of my life. But it was also the best five months of my life. If you enjoy travelling, living in close quarters with your brothers and sisters in Christ – and I mean close, very close quarters; spending almost each second with a handful of other people you’ve just met; travelling long distances in a stuffy van during the summer, and a frozen van in the winter; using your gifts, and experimenting with outreach, and being led by the Spirit; being a servant to all around you; and a lot more, then the Transit Challenge Team is for you!


For more information, contact the Transit Challenge Team or check out their most recent blog site.

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2011