The Lord worked in many ways!

Six short- and long-term OMers spent two weeks working with children in Codognan, in the south of France. They organised a kids’ club in the park with a daily Bible story told by puppets, games, crafts and face painting. The kids’ club was part of a large music festival organised by the local church. Concerts took place and testimonies were shared every evening.

The first day of ministry in the park, the team couldn’t find any children who wanted to be involved. So the team prayed, and suddenly a few children appeared. The team was able to put on the puppet show for about 10 spectators.  

One participant was really encouraged by the way people from different churches got involved. “There were lots of people who were there every day, sharing the gospel from door to door and in the streets of the region.”

Another participant shared, “I came to Codognan filled with curiosity, and I discovered a family well-equipped for the work it would accomplish. I call it a family because, although we all came from different cultures, countries and church denominations, everyone had their own role. I was warmly welcomed and I could feel the passion in everyone’s hearts—the passion to share the love of God.”

In hindsight, the OM team concluded that it was evident God’s hand was at work and prayers were answered. “I have learnt that prayer is indispensable,” says Kathryn. “It should precede, underpin and surround every action.”

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2011