The OM Europe Riverboat 3 countries – 6 ports – 3 months – 1 vision in Strasbourg from February 28th to March 12th 2018

Europe: a diverse continent of 700 million people with a rich Christian heritage that sadly many have abandoned. A huge melting pot of young, old, native and immigrant, all together with big dreams of hope and a better life. 50 countries that can be travelled to by car, plane, train, bus or riverboat!

From the North Sea to the Black Sea, a huge pathway of thriving communities and international cities beckon us to come share the love of God. From December 2017 to March 2018, OM Europe will place a team of 80 volunteers on a riverboat which will travel down the Rhine, visiting 6 ports on its way. On board, a number of creatively designed “escape rooms” will aim at helping visitors to explore some of the big questions of life: why are we here, how can I escape from the things that seem to stop me from fulfilling my dreams, how can I know God? The riverboat is OM Europe’s latest tool to encourage local Christians to tell their story whilst at the same time reaching out to those who are seeking answers.

Visit us in one of the ports, or come and join us as a member of the crew: 6 ports, 3 months, 1 vision!

Simon Yeomans, OM France Field Leader