TRANSFORM is a five-day conference to praise God together and learn to share the gospel. It is then possible to go on a short-term mission for a week in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea to share the good news.This year, the conference was held from July 9th to July 14th in Barcelona and the participants went to put their gifts in the service of God to transform the lives of people without hope in one of the 3 countries around the Mediterranean Sea: France, Portugal, and Spain.
In France, a team was sent to Cantal and another to Bruay-la-Buissière in northern France.

CANTAL: offer a gospel to every home
In partnership with MSD (Mission Service Diffusion), 33 people travelled through many villages and distributed a lot of gospel tracts in Cantal with a clear but complex mission: to offer a gospel to every home.

“I was very encouraged to see the map get coloured as the days went on. Since I don’t speak French, the distribution was a nice way to have a concrete impact and to see the progress during the week. We hope to go back to that area in the future to continue working with the few churches in a least-reached part of France.“ Sander (Norway)

“We have been able to experience how solitude is so great in this region of Cantal, where every home or farm can be 10 minutes away by car. Although we had rejections, we were able to experience the faithfulness of God who directed us to people who were looking for him. Laureine (France)

BRUAY-LA-BUISSIERE : Encouraging the local church

Fellowship with the local church was a highlight for the teams, many local Christians were grateful and impressed that young people from far away would come to their church, their area, to help share the Gospel.
“This week of mission was busy, but positive. The OM team really blessed and encouraged us. It was great to hear their testimonies of how God worked in their lives. The focus of the mission was the two events on the final weekend, a musical concert and a family carnival. Despite a couple of technical worries, the concert was a great success with everyone in the churched touched by the lyrics of the songs. For the family carnival, I was so thankful to see the 11 members of the church working hand-in-hand with the OM team running the games, serving food and drinks, etc. “Around 40 children and their parents (more than 100 in total) enjoyed a sunny afternoon in the garden of the church! It was a great day introducing the church to many people in the community.” Yann, pastor in Bruay-la-Buissière.

“I came to France expecting to meet superficial people smelling of Chanel perfume, wearing expensive clothes with expensive handbags on their shoulders! Instead, I met two different types of people: the first was a small group of people who had surrendered to the will of God, a group of Christians with warm hearts and a desire to serve in the church. The second was a much larger “non-believing” community that was thirsty for the love of God.” Nadia (Mexico)