Transit Challenge

Transit Challenge might be seen as one of the most exciting mission trips in Europe. It starts at the Transform Conference in Italy, where the Transit Team whose members will share their lives with each other for five months, meet for the first time. They come from many different nations, but the team language is English. In England the team receive training in different skills and the possibility of testing themselves in face-painting, balloon-modelling, initiating contacts, telling people about God and much more. 

After the stay in England the challenge really begins. One Transit Team goes to Northern Europe while the other team goes to Southern Europe. Last year a Transit team spent four weeks in France. “I’m happy having been able to discover their work and get to know them personally,” tells Dunja (Germany), OM France team member for one year. “I was very encouraged as they were keen to serve: churches with distributions and kids clubs, people on the street with prayer and even me with counselling,” she says.

Joining a Transit team means that you’ll never know what you’ll be doing the following week. You often won’t have a private space to get away and usually you’ll leave a place before you start feeling at home. However, joining Transit also means learning to trust God wholeheartedly and to be humble and teachable. The Transit team will challenge you and  change your life. Accept the challenge. Let God transform you.

Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: OM International ©2014