Using her gifts


How exactly do you tell those around you in France of the love of Jesus when you don’t speak a word of French? You put to work the gifts that God has given you and let Him do the rest.

This is exactly what Chorong, a South Korean member of the Transit Challenge team, did. An expert in applying make up, she got to work painting the face of a boy in the park where we set up for open-air outreach. During the face-painting, I was able to chat freely with his father. He remembered the last time we were there in the summer of 2011. Let’s pray for this man who called himself an atheist, but was happy about what we were doing in the park.

Before leaving, he accepted a Gospel of John and promised to read it. May God be revealed to him! The little boy was delighted with his face painting and showed the other children, who also ran to Chorong to have their faces painted. In this way, without a word passing her lips, Chorong brought lots of children and parents to hear about our faith in Jesus.

*Jean-Luc Pillon is a former OMer now serving on the pastoral team of a church in the south of France. During their visit with the OM team in France, Chorong and the rest of the Transit Challenge team helped church members share the gospel and work toward planting a church in a neighbouring town.

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Region: Europe
Country: France
Credit: ©2013