kids and youth

We want to help the church to equip Christian young people, and to encourage them in their relationship with God.



TS NBTeenStreet is a week-long European congress for young people between the ages of 13 & 17. It takes place every summer in Germany, and attracts about 4,000 people. The goal is to encourage Christian youth, to nurture them, and to give them the tools necessary to confront the challenges of the coming year when they return home.

To look after these young people, the congress calls on coaches (20 years of age or older), M&M’s (Ministry & Mentoring), who manage the coaching groups, and volunteers  (18 years of age and over), who make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Our desire to see these young people reflect Jesus in the circles in which they move is demonstrated in several ways. Beginning with the Outreach project at TeenStreet, young people are given the opportunity to share God’s love in the city which hosts the congress. Then there’s the RAG project (Raise and Give) – a sponsored race which takes place during the congress, and which provides the teenagers with the chance to impact the lives of other, needy European youngsters. This could be followed up with time spent on a TiM (Teens in Mission) event – outreach weeks organised either before or after the congress, in different European countries.


Mad in France

“Mad in France” is a 3-day celebration event, for youth aged 15 to 30. What’s it about? Clearly sharing the gospel in a relevant way through dynamic concerts, discussion and interaction times. Ready for the journey? All aboard for “Mad in France”!


We extend an invitation to young people’s groups and their leaders to attend these congresses, and to take advantage of these structures as a tool to  develop their young people’s ministry. In conjunction with these congresses we also organise events throughout the year, having the goal to enable youngsters to develop spiritually, and to provide opportunities for them to share the Gospel with their non-Christian friends.