LIONHEART HOLIDAY CLUBS with OM UK’s Kids ‘n’ Things team Summer 2017

What is a Lionheart holiday club?
A Lionheart holiday club is a five-day event for children, held in a church. Each day there
is a fast moving, entertaining two-hour programme, designed for children to enjoy
themselves as they learn the truth about God and about themselves. OM’s Kids ‘n’ Things
children’s ministry team works in partnership with the church members to run the club. A
Lionheart holiday club can be a useful event to bring in children from the community who
do not usually attend church. Our aim is then to channel these children into the ongoing
children’s work of the church. Although some children may become Christians during the
holiday club it is often during the ongoing contact with Christians that children make a
commitment. A Lionheart club is suitable for all primary school age children (4-11 years
old). Some churches run a family service at the end of the week, which the children and
their families are invited to.
Each day in the club begins with craft activities. We then play parachute games with the
children. After this the main up-front programme takes place. This lasts about an hour
and follows the adventures of Lionheart, our main puppet character. As Lionheart goes
on his adventures the children learn along with him. Each day has a spiritual theme, and
all the items in the programme that day reflect different aspects of that theme. The upfront
programme includes puppets, drama, mime, conjuring, action songs and so on,
leading up to the bible story of the day. Each day’s theme links to the next. At the end of
each day the children do a « fun sheet » to help them review and respond to what they
have learned.
What would I be doing?
During the holiday club itself you will be involved in various parts of the up-front
programme. You will take part in puppet songs and stories as a puppeteer, and will help
to demonstrate the action songs we use. There may also be opportunities to teach bible
verses or bible stories if you have skills in this area. As well as the performance element,
there will be plenty of time for you to help alongside church members in small group
activities with children, such as making crafts and playing games.
Your time with us will begin with two days of training and rehearsal, learning the holiday
club programme. We will then spend the next three weeks running holiday clubs Monday
to Friday with three different churches in the Midlands area of the UK. You will also
participate in family services on Sundays with some of these churches.
What skills or experience do I need?
Experience of working with children, especially in a church context, would be useful but
not essential. The main requirements are the ability to relate to children and a desire to
help them discover God. You do not need to have used puppets before – training will be
given – although you do need to have enough physical mobility to be able to kneel behind
a puppet stage, carry some equipment and take part in lively action songs.
OM UK is committed to safeguarding all those we work with, and you will be required to
provide the relevant documentation during the application process.
Where would I be staying?
All three churches we will be working with are within one hour’s drive of our centre in
Halesowen, near Birmingham. You will live at the centre and we will travel to and from
the club each day. All three holiday clubs are in the mornings, so generally you will have
some free time in the late afternoons and evenings. You will have a full day off on
What are the dates?
Arrive in Birmingham: Wednesday 19th July 2017
Rehearsal days: Thursday 20th and Friday 21st July
Holiday club #1: Monday 24th – Friday 28th July
Family service: Sunday 30th July
Holiday club #2: Monday 31st July – Friday 4th August
Holiday club #3: Monday 7th – Friday 11th August
Family service: Sunday 13th August
Departure: Monday 14th August